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Each day of a child’s life is a precious. There are so many moments of wonder and joy. At Bright Future it is our passion to make sure each child is valued for their individuality and that they have an early childhood experience that welcomes and encourages all of those moments of wonder and joy!


About Bright Future

Bright Future Child Enrichment Center was founded in 1997. Our Directing team, Rani Judd and Kayla Bunch, have 35 years of combined experience in the Early Childhood Education field and are passionate about providing quality care and education for young children. Rani is a graduate of Purdue University and Kayla is a graduate of Gateway Community College. Kayla has been at Bright Future since 2002 and Rani has been with Bright Future since 2010 and both are active in the Early Childhood Education community.

We encourage children to learn through play. Children learn at their own pace through singing, dancing, playing, experimenting, and interaction with other children. Each room is arranged in an open, but inviting area to learn. Each learning center promotes exploration, social skills, and brain and language development. Our learning centers include a block corner, large muscle activity center, creative art center, dramatic play area, science area, reading corner, and music area.

Our full-time staff is professionally trained and certified in early childhood education. We provide a low child-to-teacher ratio and developmentally appropriate curriculum and learning centers. We also operate to the National Association for Educating Young Children standards within spacious classrooms for your child to learn and grow.

We participate and are certified in the Federal Food program to insure that your child receives the most nutritious meal. To insure those nutrition requirements, our food is catered everyday.


The Bright Future Mission

At Bright Future Child Enrichment Center we provide a safe, loving, developmentally appropriate environment with emphasis on the individual needs of each child and their unique styles of learning.  With these individual needs in mind, we utilize a curriculum created specifically for Bright Future that focuses on each child’s strengths, that promotes creativity, self-worth, physical, social and emotional development and that encourages children being children.

We provide families a center where they can feel confident in their child’s care, their development as a well-rounded, life-long learner and their academic preparation.  We welcome open lines of communication between families and faculty and encourage parental involvement. We believe that a partnership between families and faculty provides each child with the love and support that they need during these important early years.

Our faculty is a caring team of Early Childhood Professionals, committed to continued education and growth and dedicated to enriching the lives of young children and to providing a center of excellence.


The Bright Future Vision

.. to be a center of excellence in Northern Kentucky.

.. to be a center where children are happy and where they gain the tools to succeed in life and in school.

.. to be a center where families feel welcomed, supported and secure leaving their children in our care and confident in being part of a partnership with the goal of helping children develop to their fullest potential.

.. to have a Faculty that seeks out opportunities for continued personal and professional development that meets and exceeds requirements.

.. to have a Faculty that continually strives to help children develop the social, emotional and academic skills so that the foundation is laid for them to be happy, healthy, well-adjusted, well-rounded and productive individuals.

.. to be a center where Faculty feel valued and appreciated and know how through their daily work with each child, they help create a Bright Future.


Non-Discrimination Policy

Bright Future will not exclude any individual with a disability or relationship or association with a person with a disability from the full and equal enjoyment of its services and facilities.  Bright Future also will not require additional charges for services because a child or parent has a disability.  Examples of affording equal access may include:

  • Providing child care services to a child with a disability and his or her parents even though Bright Future believes that the child may require more care or expense than providing child care services to a child without a disability.
  • Providing child care services to a child whose parent has a disability even though Bright Future believes it may take more staff time or resources to have the parent as a customer.

Bright Future will not exclude children with disabilities cause by communicable diseases unless Bright Future can show that providing services to the child would pose a direct threat to the health or safety of other children or staff.  A determination that a child would pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others may not be based on fear or stereotypes about the risk of transmitting the disease.  A direct threat does not exist if the risk can be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by reasonable modifications to policies or procedures.

Bright Future will provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services, free of charge, when necessary to ensure effective communications with individuals with disabilities.  Examples of appropriate auxiliary aids and services may include:

  • Exchanging notes to communicate with a deaf parent on a simple issue that can be quickly communicated, such as a routine reminder to pick up a child on time.
  • Providing a qualified sign language interpreter to communicate with a deaf parent on a more complex issue that typically requires a longer discussion, such as conversations about a child?s behavioral or health issues.
  • Assisting a child with low vision in finding his or her way from inside the daycare center to the playground.

Bright Future will make reasonable modifications in policies, practices, or procedures when necessary to ensure that its services are available in a nondiscriminatory manner.  Bright Future will not impose extra charges for these reasonable modifications.  Examples of reasonable modifications may include:

  • Making an exception to a toilet training requirement and providing diapering or other necessary assistance for a child with a disability who is not toilet trained.
  • Providing appropriate food/snacks for a child with a food allergy.
  • Administering medication to a child when no special medical expertise is required, such as administering medication that parents administer to a child at home.

Our passion makes the difference in our child care.

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