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Learning with Bright Future

Bright Future works to ensure that children are academically prepared by focusing on the following key aspects of well-rounded academic and life success.

Social Development — We work with all children to help them develop the social skills that they will need not only in school but throughout their entire lives. We encourage good manners, citizenship, caring for one another and working with a group in a positive manner. We work with the children to explore and appreciate how all people are similar and different and we look at other cultures so that they begin to see that there is more to the world than their own backyard.

Math Skills —Starting even in our infant rooms we count and help children learn about numbers and number concepts. We know how important it is for children to have a firm grasp of concrete mathematical concepts and we look for every opportunity to show this in their everyday life.

Language and Literacy—Language development is a major focus in our center. Through shared conversations, storytelling, reading, singing, finger-plays, open-ended questions, etc. we work to help children develop their language skills and grow a life-long love of literacy.

Scientific Skills—It is our goal that each child have the opportunity to develop into “little scientist”. We encourage them to come up with their own ideas, to ask questions and to try new things.

Artistic Expression—Being creative is a very important part of life. We provide children the opportunity to explore their own creativity and to truly be artist through open-ended exposure to and experience with various types of artistic media.

Physical Development—Keeping active is not only important to staying healthy, it is important for the whole child. Large and fine motor skill development is very important in these early years and continues to be important as they enter elementary school. Being physically confident and strong helps a child to be healthy and happy and a child who is healthy and happy is a child who will do better in school!

Tracking Progress

Our Enrichment Center uses the following methods when creating lesson plans to ensure planned activities support the unique needs of each child.

Brigance Screenings: 

Every six months Bright Future conducts Brigance Screenings with the infants through preschoolers. This is a developmental screening specific to each age group that charts the children’s progress and spotlights any areas that may need to be focused on. For more information, visit the Curriculum Associates’ Brigance web site.

Developmental checklist: 

For children from 6 weeks of age to preschool age we do a developmental checklist that is updated every three month. This checklist helps us to make sure that the child is developing as they should and helps us to identify if there are any skills we need to be focusing on.

Parent and Teacher Conferences:

Conferences are held every six month after Brigance screenings are completed. During these conferences the child’s portfolio which includes their Brigance screening, their developmental checklist, anecdotal notes, samples of their art work and other representative work, is shared with the parent and then any concerns are discussed and goals for the next six months are created.

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