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Playing with Bright Future

Here at Bright Future we provide children a safe and welcoming environment where they can be children and play.
Our teachers plan activities to engage children and help them learn about themselves and their world. We work as facilitators to help children get the most out of their play and to develop the skills that they need to be successful in life and in future academics.

When a teachers brings out play dough for the children their faces always light up. They love play dough and the chance to be creative. They are playing and having fun but there is also much more going on during this activity. Before a child can learn to write that child must develop the small muscles in the hand so that they can control and manipulate a pencil. Through this activity with play dough children are developing those small muscles. They are using their cognitive skills to determine what they want to make and they are using their imagination to form that ball of dough into what they think it should be. They learn to share utensils and formulate ideas. They find beauty in their creation and their self-esteem flourishes. To the casual observer the children are “just playing”. The Early Childhood Teacher who has facilitated this activity sees the skills that they are developing, the progress that they are making and… the joy that they are experiencing along the way. Our teachers plan and facilitate a wide variety of activities to encourage learning through play and to help the children develop and grow.

Play is the work of the young child and through this play the basis for a lifetime of learning is acquired. Through play they learn about themselves, other children and their world. They develop new abilities and they exercise key skills and qualities. They learn to think, to formulate questions and hypothesis, to fail and to succeed, to solve problems and to trust themselves as learners. When playing in a group, children learn to socialize, to share, to verbalize, to work through problems with others and to utilize strengths.

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